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Type C 100amp linkbreak cutout

Type C 100amp linkbreak cutout includes 15 kv - 110 kV LIW (BIL), 15/27 kV - 125 kV LIW (BIL), 22/36.4 kV - 150 kV LIW (BIL) and 22/36.4 kV - 170 kV LIW (BIL)

Type C 100amp linkbreak cutout

All standard non-loadbreak fuseholders and the linkbreak fuseholders are interchangeable and fit into both the nonloadbreak and Type C LINKBREAK cutout mounting assemblies produced after January 1985. Mounting assemblies are same as Type C STANDARD cutouts.

Ratings / Specifications
The 15 kV Type C LINKBREAK cutout has a maximum design voltage rating of 15 kV. There are no voltage restrictions on application to grounded wye, ungrounded wye, or delta systems having maximum operating voltages (line to line) equal to or less than the cutout maximum design voltage rating.
The 15/27 and 22/36.4 kV Type C LINKBREAK cutouts have maximum design slant voltage ratings. These cutouts are to be used on systems which have phase-to-ground voltages no greater than the value listed to the left of the slant (/) and which have phase-to-phase voltages no greater than the value listed to the right of the slant.
The Type C LINKBREAK cutout is to be used with only Chance, McGraw-Edison and Kearney fuselinks. S&C Electric fuselinks and other fuselinks which require more than 1 inch elongation before breaking must not be used with the Type C LINKBREAK cutout.

The Chance Type C 100 amp LINKBREAK cutout provides short circuit protection to utility lines with the added feature of mechanical linkbreak capability in a loadbreaking function. Linkbreak cutouts provide reliable protection from overloads that just melt the fuselink through the maximum interrupt capacity of the fuseholder and also provide inductive and capacitive loadbreak capability. For loadbreak ratings see chart, next page.
The unit will also accept the Type C 200 amp non-loadbreak fuseholder or a 300 amp disconnect blade. Each LINKBREAK cutout includes standard loadbreak hooks to use with portable loadbreak tools. This method is particularly useful for switching of the 200 amp fuseholder and 300 amp disconnect blade.

Design / Product Features
Construction and product details shown on page 10A-3 apply to the LINKBREAK cutout except that the link-ejector on the linkbreak fuseholder is a copper-alloy casting instead of a stainless-steel stamping.
The unit utilizes a stainless-steel linkbreak lever to mechanically break fuselink elements thereby obtaining load interruption within the fuseholder. The long lever is positioned directly in-line with the cutout, rather than on one side or in back of the cutout for convenient pull-down operation


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