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Type C standard cutout features

Type C standard cutout features include Interchangeability, Fusetube, Brackets, Higher Interrupt Capacities and terminals and Type C standard cutout specifications.

Type C standard cutout specifications:

Type C standard cutout features

Chance was the first to design a cutout that could interchange fuseholders and mounting assemblies with those of another manufacture. Standard Type C fuseholders and mounting assemblies are mutually interchangeable with the S&C Electric Company’s Type XS cutout (within the same voltage class).

The 1/2-inch inside diameter of the Type C cutout’s 100 ampere fusetube increases internal pressure giving superior and reliable expulsion action. During frequently encountered intermediate fault ranges this diameter also permits higher TRV (transient recovery voltage) values to be tolerated. This small bore design eliminates any concern related to high impedance phase-to-phase faults on ungrounded wye and delta systems.
The inside liner is constructed of a synthetic arc-quenching material. The tube is made of fiberglass which permits the smaller bore and provides a higher burst strength. It is protected from the weather and environment by a special ultra-violet resistant coating.
Also, the Chance fusetube operates with fuselinks from all major suppliers.

C cutouts come packed one per carton including a NEMA Heavy Duty “B” bracket with captive 11/2" bolt for crossarm mounting.
Type X brackets, also for crossarm mounting, provides 25/8" additional clearance between the crossarm and the cutout.
“D” brackets are used to mount cutouts and/or arresters directly to the pole. Three brackets may be used for threephase application. Type D brackets provide a clean, quick mounting without crossarm or special pole bands.
All the above brackets are galvanized steel for long lasting service. Cutouts can be ordered without any brackets.

Higher Interrupt Capacities
By using a copper arc shortening rod inside the top of the fusetube, higher interrupt ratings are obtainable. An arc shortening rod is attached to the cap of some fusetubes and lowers the fuse link within the fusetube. This permits a much shorter arc, resulting in less arc energy, and higher interrupting capacities.
For 200 A tubes, it allows for full voltage rating. It is necessary to use fuse links with removable buttonheads when arc shortening rods are employed.

170 kV LIW (BIL)
A 170 kV BIL Type C cutout is available for use in areas where the 28.4-inch minimum leakage distance to ground is required.

Extra Corrosion Protection [150 & 170 kV LIW (BIL) only]
Type C cutouts are available with components of stainless steel inserts, hood and bolts, and copper alloy loadbreak hooks to offer greater corrosion resistance for environmental areas where corrosion can become a major factor. To order a stainless steel/copper alloy cutout add the suffix “S” to the end of the catalog number with the rating specifications desired.
In additon, an optional spring assist may be provided to further enhance the toggle and drop out action in highly corrosive applications.

Tin-plated bronze parallel groove type terminals are standard on Type C cutouts. They can accommodate aluminum or copper conductor sizes ranging from No. 6 (13.3 mm2) solid copper through 4/0 (160.6 mm2) ACSR or 250 (167.5 mm2) kcmil stranded copper. The parallel groove design is perfect for handling two different sizes of conductor as is the case when arresters are being used. Eyebolts are also available.


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