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Type of insulator used in transmission line

Type of insulator used in transmission line is various. Transmission line insulators are devices used to contain, separate or support electrical conductors on high voltage electricity supply networks.

Type of insulator used in transmission line

What are main types of insulator used in transmission line?
Pin insulators
Suspension insulator
Post insulators
Line post insulators
Strain type insulator
Shackle insulator
Spool insulator

Type of insulator used in transmission line is made of polymers, glass and porcelain--each with different densities, tensile strengths and performing properties in adverse conditions.

For each type of insulators, there have different features. For the pin type insulator is secured to the cross-arm on the pole and used for transmission and distribution of electric power at voltages upto 33 kV. Beyond operating voltage of 33 kV, the pin type insulators become too bulky and hence uneconomical.

For high voltages (>33 kV), it is a usual practice to use suspension type insulators which consist of a number of porcelain discs connected in series by metal links in the form of a string.

When there is a dead end of the line or there is corner or sharp curve, the line is subjected to greater tension. In order to relieve the line of excessive tension, strain insulators are used.

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