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What is Something Made Out of an Insulator?

An Insulator is something made out of a material which has insulating properties. One may have a need to insulate against the cold, heat, or electrical current.

composite insulator

composite insulator

The types of insulators
An insulating blanket wrapped around the water heater will increase the energy efficiency of the unit and use less fuel to keep the water hot.

The high voltage wires hang from a ceramic insulator, glass insulator or composite insulator on the telephone pole keeping the current isolated until it reaches the outlets in our home.

A pot holder insulates your hands from the heat of the pot handles.

Styrofoam cups insulate hot or cold by blocking the passage of heat.

The materials of insulator
Materials which have insulating properties will not conduct heat, or electricity. The heat will not travel through the material. Most of insulators are made from porcelain, glass, polymeric or silicone rubber, such as the electrical insulator is made of silicone rubber used for high voltage lines, also called silicone rubber insulator.

The opposite of an insulator is a conductor. Metal is a good conductor of both heat and electricity.

Other insulator definition
Insulate is also a verb. I try to insulate myself from the critics by using the spell checker.


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