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Composite cross-arm insulators have the functions of composite pin type insulators and wood/iron cross arm with a lower cost. Orient Power is a composite cross-arm insulators manufacturer from China.

Orient Power has great data base of end fittings. The end fittings of composite cross-arm insulators: one end fitting with holes is fixed onto the electrical poles and replaces the function of cross-arm; the other end fitting with grooves can fix conductor onto the cross-arm insulators instead of ordinary pin insulators.

composite cross-arm insulator-Orient Power            composite cross-arm insulator type-Orient Power
    composite cross-arm insulator                                                composite cross-arm insulator type

Orient Power has professionals group and advanced production & testing equipments. The composite cross-arm insulators products have the property of high quality and reasonable prices. Composite cross-arm insulators are used for 10KV~110KV high voltage power system.

This composite insulator cross-arm type is applicable to urban network transformation. Composite cross-arm insulator is capable of utilizing the narrow corridors for boost power transmission, which can reduce tower height and thus saves a lot of money. Due to the high bending strength of composite cross-arm insulators, the cascading failure, which often arises in power lines using porcelain crossarm insulators, can be avoided.

In addition, composite cross-arm insulators have stain resistance and better anti-pollution ability, making it irreplaceable by porcelain cross arm product. If you need composite insulators, especially composite cross-arm insulators, please have a try to contact Orient Power, who will not let you down.

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