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composite crossarm insulators

The composite crossarm insulators are suitable for using in metropolitan area network and can effectively use city narrow corridor area of booster transmission. Especially composite cross arm insulator can decrease the height of tower, save a lot of financial and material resources. Due to its high bending strength, can prevent the porcelain crossarm insulator prone to fracture accident, and dirt resistant performance is good, is porcelain crossarm insulator irreplaceable products.

composite cross arm insulator                composite cross arm insulators

As like composite insulators, this kind of composite crossarm insulators is applied to power station facilities, and has features of good water repellence, anti-ageing, resistance to tracking and erosion has high tensile strength and bending strength, high shock resistance, good shock and brittle fracture prevention, light weight, easy to install, and the installation dimensions of top and base are the same with those of porcelain post type, they can be exchanged to use each other. Main Technical Parameters Type System nominal voltage (KV), Usys Rated mechanical tensile load (≥KN), SML Structural height, spacing Min. stem, arc distance, arc. dist Min. normal creepage distance mm and min creep.

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