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    High voltage suspension insulator is normally used with grading rings to reduce electrical stress concentration on and within the insulator and to reduce radio and/or television in...
    Line post insulator, suspension insulator, stand off insulator requirements ensure to the insulator quality, insulator dimensions, insulator performance and insulator material and ...
    Type C 100amp linkbreak cutout includes 15 kv - 110 kV LIW (BIL), 15/27 kV - 125 kV LIW (BIL), 22/36.4 kV - 150 kV LIW (BIL) and 22/36.4 kV - 170 kV LIW (BIL)
    Type C standard cutout features include Interchangeability, Fusetube, Brackets, Higher Interrupt Capacities and terminals and Type C standard cutout specifications.
    345-500kv station posts are manufactured in accordance with ANSI standards and for application at 1300kv BIL, 1470kv BIL, 1550kv BIL and 1800kv BIL.
    115-230kv station posts are manufactured and designed in accordance with ANSI C29.9 standards available for substations, switch or electrical equipment, and which are TR series.
    Orient Power is one of reputed insulator supplier, mainly produces high quality porcelain insulators made by high technology used in electrical systems, such as power lines.
    As one of professional insulator manufacturers, we produce alumina Porcelain insulators include suspension disc insulators, line post insulators and station post insulators and so ...
    According to insulator specifications, insulator type tests mainly include sample tests and routine tests to ensure insulator quality and insulator performance.
    The pollution performance and creepage distance is important for station post insulator used in contamination environments according to IEC 60273.
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