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Porcelain dead end insulators

Porcelain dead end insulators are comprehensive and complying with standard GB, IEC, ANSI, BS137 and AS 2947 specifications. The coupling type of dead end insulators is ball & socket or clevis & tongue.

Porcelain dead end insulators

Porcelain dead end insulators are divided into DC insulators and AC insulators.
◆ Porcelain dead end insulators which the ball type pins of DC insulators are equipped with zinc sleeves
◆ AC insulators can also be equipped with zinc sleeves if needed
◆ Each product will be equipped with W or R locking pin or cylindrical pin etc.

Porcelain dead end insulators also called suspension porcelain insulators used on the corner towers and dead end towers. According to insulator polluted performance, the types of Porcelain dead end insulators have
◆ Normal shed suspension porcelain insulators. it is simple in structure and shape, low in price and suitable for use in clean areas
◆ Bell shed suspension porcelain insulators, of large protection creepage distance, deeper ridge and having a higher artificial pollution flashover voltage, is more suitable AC/DC power lines in coastal areas, foggy, humid and saline areas
◆ Double-shed and tri-shed suspension porcelain insulators, of open shed, large creepage distance and smooth surface inside the skirt, designed as per aerodynamics, have the characteristics of self-cleaning in wind and rain, low velocity for natural pollution accumulation, easy to clean etc. they can used in heavy pollution and desert areas
◆ Open hat shed suspension porcelain insulators, which is of single amp; large shed, smooth structure without ridge, good self-cleaning and low velocity for natural pollution accumulation, they can prevent line pollution flashover
◆ Normal shed disc porcelain insulators for ground overhead lead

Porcelain dead end insulators are porcelain disc insulators used on AC or DC high voltage transmission power lines and made from high aluminum porcelain.


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