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Composite insulator manufacturer in Alibaba

Nowadays, is growing up a world famous B2B plat. And many foreign customers find business by it. Composite insulator manufacturer in Alibaba is also lots of many. In order to let the world to know China, to know China insulator, to know China composite insulator and know more about our company Orient Power, our company has open account in Alibaba for composite insulator. In the following several months we will upload many of composite insulator information in Alibaba. Welcome all the world customers to visit our Alibaba shop.

If you search composite insulator manufacturer in Alibaba, the results will be so many. For customers this is good, because:
1. Customer must be find the composite insulator manufacturer in Alibaba
2. Through compare the price of composite insulator, the customer can be get a low price
3. Insulator customer also can find some manufacturers who supply related products to composite insulator

composite insulator manufacturer             composite insulator
composite insulator manufacturer                                  composite insulator

But at the same time a lot of disadvantages will be also come:
1. Since the mass information, it is difficult to distinguish it is good or not for composite insulator manufacturer in Alibaba
2. Maybe customer can get low price, but he couldn’t inspect the quality
3. Customers probably get much false information

But for us we not only do business but also want to spread a famous brand Orient Power through Alibaba. So we intend to build a real, qualified, competitive and famous composite insulator manufacturer in Alibaba. We have the following features:
1. ISO9001
2. 5000h aging test report
3. All most all voltage class type test report for composite insulator
4. Silicone rubber, end fitting and fibre glass core all are produced by us.
5. 56,000 square meters workshop
6. Strict quality control
7. since 1978, your power, our care

Our goal is build a reliable, best service and famous Orient Power not only in China land but also composite insulators manufacturer in Alibaba.

Welcome to visit our factory and Alibaba shop and looking forward to cooperate with world wide customers.


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More than 40 years experience in power industry since 1978 as a composite insulator manufacturer in China, advanced manufacturing process, strict quality control test system, ISO certificated, excellent communication, considerate services, enable us to be a leading composite insulator manufacturer of composite insulator and polymer insulator.
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