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Composite suspension insulator
Composite insulators suspension type is used in overhead transmission line or distribution line. Our voltage range for composite insulator long rod or suspension is from 10kV to 800kV. Our 500kV composite suspension insulator is whole injection way.
Composite dead end insulator
Composite insulators distribution deadend type is used on terminal of the pole or tower. Normally the voltage is from 15KV to 69KV, and the connection way is clevis and tongue. Composite insulators deadend type is according to ANSI international standard.
Polymer pin type insulator
Polymer insulators pin type is mainly used on 10-36KV distribution lines, the cantilever strength of these polymer insulators can be from 4KN-12.5KN, the stud can be a whole structure with the insulator or assembled separately on the insulator end fittings.
HDPE insulator
HDPE insulators have pin type, spool type and line post type, it is normally used under 35kv, and injected by High Density Polyethylene, for the HDPE pin type insulator, it should be assembly with the spindle, and the insulators will be filled putty to increase higher electrical performance.
Composite line post insulator
Composite insulators line post type is used on 10-132KV transmission and distribution lines. The line post composite insulators can be tie top type or with clamp top. The mounting way can be horizontal and vertical, horizontal mounting can be inclined.
Polymer crossarm insulator
Polymer insulators crossarm type is made by silicone rubber, so it is also called silicone rubber insulator. Crossarm polymer insulators are used on electrical poles directly to instead traditional wood cross arm or steel cross arm, and to save construction cost.
Polymer post insulator
Polymer insulators post type include station post silicone rubber insulator which is used on substations, and post type for electrical apparatus. Polymer insulators post type can be used on switches, and the specified mechanical strength can be from 4KN-16KN.
Composite insulators for electrical railway
Composite insulators of electrified railway type have three types: post type, suspension type and pantograph composite insulators. These insulators are made of silicone rubber and are widely used on electrical railway system, high speed railway, and subways.
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