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HDPE insulator, HDPE pin type insulator

Application for HDPE insulator

Polymer HDPE insulator is applied to medium and high voltage power line to support conductor and insulate from ground. 10-36kv is usually used because of its advantage of light weight and easy to handle and transport and install. Nowadays many countries and areas more and more use this type insulator to displace porcelain or ceramic insulator since the world need environment protect, and 100% recyclable HDPE insulators become popular.


composite HDPE insulator-Orient Power                           composite HDPE insulator with spindle-Orient Power


Component of HDPE insulator:

It is made of by HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), which has good performance on electrical and also mechanical. Except HDPE, Orient Insulators also add some additives, such as anti-UV, anti-aging, and etc, to make the insulators more suitable for the environment and have long life span.


Features of HDPE insulator:

1. The material is hydrophobic and therefore the insulator can be self-cleaning .

2. The polymer insulator is suitable for both vertical and horizontal applications. Since the thick wall of the HDPE material, it make it hard to produce big insulators, and it mostly be used under 35kv distribution lines.

3. The HDPE insulators need assembly with spindles, and better with plastic head type spindle, Orient developed the spindle together with the HDPE insulators and bond together to get better strength and insulation.

4. The top and side grooves can be designed to accept conductor sizes in the range of customers’ requirement.

5. The final color of the insulator can be adjust according to clients’ requirement, but normally it is grey.


Processing method for HDPE insulator

The thick wall and especially thick head of the HDPE insulators make it is hard to inject by traditional ways to make them, and it need more time to cure, and cooling, Orient can produce the insulators without voids in it, and every of our insulators will be detected by the laser.



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