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Composite insulator low frequency wet flashover voltage test

 Composite insulator low frequency wet flashover voltage test is hard to do since it need set up a rain generator system, and control the rain as per standard requirement. Orient Power has set up the equipment, and can do wet flashover voltage test for composite insulators and other insulators in our own lab.

Composite insulator low frequency wet flashover voltage test procedure:

Three high voltage composite insulators are selected and assembled on the structure of test equipment. The insulators will be connected with power transformer and set before a spray. At not less than 1 minute after the final adjustment of the spray, the applied voltage may be quickly raised to approximately 75% of the expected average wet flashover voltage value, the continued rate of voltage increase of the test shall be such that the time to flashover will be not less than 5 seconds nor more than 30 seconds after 75% of the flashover value is reached.

Composite insulator low frequency wet flashover voltage test value:
After the test is done, certain way should be calculate under the flashover test.
The wet flashover voltage value of a test specimen of composite insulator shall be the arithmetical mean of not less than five individual flashovers taken consecutively. The period between consecutive flashover shall be not less than 15 seconds nor more than 15 minutes.

Composite insulator low frequency wet flashover voltage test result:
The test should be done according to international standard: ANSIC29.1, ANSIC29.11,IEC61109, the detailed should be discussed with the customers.The result should be recorded and calculate according to standard and the final result should be corrected.

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